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Fastlane MCC /CCM Racing Event: Winter Longcross Series for Youth and Adult Date: 14th December 2014 Download: Entry form Details: Format for the first event  may follow through to subsequent events or may change as the club decides.   Round 1 2 x 75 min races. 2nd race on the day will be on reversed track with a sighting lap in between races.   14th December 2014  Winter LX Series FASTLANE MCC /CCMRacing Club Sign On starts @ 8.30 am Sorry no separate youth race. Not enough riders. We will run as group as per last time.   ADULT - €40.00 and YOUTH - €25.00 per rider.   Points score: 1st = 1 point : 2nd = 2 points etc etc.  Total lowest points wins. In the event of a tie, lowest score in last leg counts or 2 nd last leg etc.   Please check www.ccmracing.com website or CCMRacing Facebook Fan Page for entry forms & details.